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Going with the kid – The O-Zone on
I expect the Jaguars to play similar to what their style mostly has been in recent seasons – i.e., to emphasize the run and look for plays in the passing game to supplement that. Gabbert has a bigger arm than any quarterback who ever has played for the Jaguars, so you’ll see passes at times you’ve never seen from a Jaguars quarterback, but he may not yet be ready to throw it all over the field 75 percent of the time.

AFC South Blog – ESPN
Sunday we find out a bit about how strong the foundation is, and we get our first indication about how equipped Gabbert is to play well early. If his defense can fare a lot better than the Panthers’ first two opponents have against Newton, that would be a big help, too.

Del Rio: “It’s time for Blaine to be our starting quarterback.” – Big Cat Country
Jack Del Rio made mention that the move to Gabbert doesn’t change his outlook for the 2011 season, and said the team needed a spark on offense and that they think Gabbert can provide that. Gabbert also told the media he was allowed to audible when asked, a good sign that he knows the playbook.

Blaine Gabbert to Start Week 3 vs. Carolina, Cam Newton – Black and Teal
A lot changes in 10 days. After looking efficient in the home opener against Tennessee, McCown showed how bad things can get against the New York Jets, throwing for less than 33% accuracy, 59 yards, 3.1 yards/attempt, and 4 (ugly) interceptions. That convinced Jack Del Rio and Co. to give rookie Blaine Gabbert the starting nod for this coming weekend in what is sure to be a high-profile showdown between two top rookie quarterbacks from the 2011 Draft Class.

If Jack’s going to go…why not now? | Jaguars Blog
Struggling teams usually have problems with locker room morale, mostly due to the losing.  Players get frustrated because they feel like there’s very little hope and they have no idea what’s coming next.  With Del Rio at the helm all year, the players will definitely realize their coach is a lame duck and potentially tune out at some point during the season.

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