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Jack Del Rio has been the target of a lot of criticism this week. Some of it has been deserved, and some of it isn’t deserved at all. These links should get you your Del Rio fix for the day:

Botched snaps proved to be costly in defeat – Big Cat Country
However, a botched snap by Blaine Gabbert set the offense back into a 3rd and eight situation. It was one of four fumbled snaps by the rookie quarterback who, despite transitioning from a spread offense in college, never showed any struggles with taking snaps in training camp or preseason. Luckily for the Jaguars, all but one of those fumbles was recovered by a Jaguars player and the only one that wasn’t was returned to the Jaguars due to an offsides penalty.

Initial Impressions: Jaguars Lose Battle of Rookie QB’s to Carolina, 16-10 – Black and Teal
The Jaguars lost another heartbreaker today, as Cam Newton’s late 4th quarter touchdown pass to tight end Greg Olsen put the Panthers ahead for the rest of the game. Blaine Gabbert, in his first regular season start, attempted to lead the Jaguars on two comeback drives in the final minutes, but wasn’t able to get the Jags into the endzone. It was an extremely sloppy game, thanks to two rookie quarterbacks that very much looked like rookies and a torrential downpour that flooded the field for most of the second and third quarters.

Memo to Jack Del Rio: You’re the boss – ESPN South Blog
Here’s a newsflash for the guy in charge of the Jaguars on the field: You’ve got a headset. I’m not encouraging you to click over to your coordinators on a regular basis or becomes meddlesome. But if you tell Koetter, “Let’s open it up,” then he’ll open it up.

Blaine Gabbert: “Trust me, we’ll get better” – Florida Times-Union
Gabbert said visibility wasn’t a problem on the field, though he noticed upon rewatching it was an issue for television viewers. He repeated his assertion that he needed do a better job with ball security. Gabbert officially fumbled three snaps and called it “inexcusable.”

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