Luke “Balls Out” McCown


Luke McCown is “ALL IN” as the Jaguars starting QB now that Garrard has been shown the door.  Luke makes good decisions & gets the “BALLS OUT” fast.  No more holding onto the ball forever and a day until the QB gets sacked.  No More staring down a receiver all the way through his route either.  Oh yeah, Luke can actually read a freakin defense too.  Del Rio just needs to turn him loose and crank the volume up to eleven.  Luke is a gunslinger, he can make all the throws and he can look through his receivers to find the open man.  McCown is also always looking down the field during games.  Something that “Drop Down” Dave never seemed to be able to master.  Del Rio finds it hard to unleash Luke & allow him to be all the QB he can be.  I don’t like that, but I understand where Jack is coming from. 

His last 2 QBs were painfully inadequate in the starting role.  Leftwhich was a statue as far as mobility went.  He also had the longest wind-up/release of any QB in the NFL, making him just a big target for blitzing linebackers.  Then Garrard took over and brought a whole new definition of mediocrity to Jacksonville.  He was average at best & unbearable to watch at worst.  He was like slow torture. His “pimp suit fedora” post game press conferences were a joke….just like his career as a starting QB in the NFL.  The Jaguars have lost nothing in getting rid of Garrard.  McCown is the man now & he deserves to be.  He may not be the future, but until Gabbert is ready Luke can be “BALLS OUT” at QB.

Del Rio needs to stop holding McCown back.  You gave him the keys, now let him burn some rubber.  He’s a gunslinger Jack, you can’t deny it.  Let him put his foot to the floor, rev the engine & haul some ass.  This ain’t your grandma’s tired old station wagon.  Garrard drove that sputtering pile of rust for 4 years.  This is the new full throttle Jaguars.  McCown will break it in before handing the keys to Gabbert.  Blaine will then drive it all the way to the super bowl.  But you gotta let ’em open it up a little Jack.  When you’ve got this kind of power under the hood you need to race.  Feel the need for speed Jack.  Let Luke blow some doors off.  We promise that he will wash it & make it all shiny again before Blaine drives it.

Luke has the “testicular fortitude” to be the starter & to make all the throws.  You knew that when you kicked Garrard’s ass to the curb.  Luke can get you TDs without all those INTs that Dave threw every Sunday.  He’s ready coach, just ask him.  His cojones are this big.

Let Luke lead by example.  The team will follow him to victory.  Your defense is “ALL IN”.  Now let your offense be “BALLS OUT”.