Marcedes Lewis Stacks Up

I would like to talk about something that has been a thorn in my side for the last 2 seasons.  Marcedes Lewis is absolutely among the top 5 TEs in the NFL, period.  I really wish the so-called experts on TV would check the stats before dismissing Lewis just because he plays for the Jaguars.  The facts don’t lie.  If the talking heads on ESPN are handing out props so easily to the likes of Jason Witten, Antonio Gates, Tony Gonzalez, Dallas Clark and others then they should toss some of those kudos in Lewis’s direction too.  Do they forget that he was a pro bowl selection.  All he does is everything you would want a TE to do for your team.  He catches TD passes, blocks better than almost any other TE in the NFL, knows how to get open and uses his size to great advantage.  I did check the stats and the results speak for themselves.

Lewis   58 rec.  700 yards  10 TDs   12.1 avg. gain per play  16 games started   2 fum.
Witten  94 rec.  1,002 yards  9 TDs  10.7 avg. gain per play  16 games started   1 fum.
Gates     50 rec.  782 yards  10 TDs  15.6 avg. gain per play  16 games started  1 fum.
Gonzalez  70 rec.  656 yards  6 TDs   9.4 avg. gain per play  16 games started  0 fum.
V. Davis  56 rec.  914 yards  7 TDs  16.3 avg. gain per play  16 games started  0 fum.

Clearly Lewis belongs among the top 5 TEs in the NFL.  In case you’re wondering, I left out Dallas Clark & Heath Miller due to them being injured and not finishing the season.  I have no doubt that those 2 players would also be in the running with a full 16 games worth of stats.  Looking at the facts/stats above, can any of you honestly say that Marcedes doesn’t stack up as an elite TE?

Lewis had more receptions than Gates & more yards than Gonzalez.  Lewis is tied for most TDs with Gates at 10. His average gain per play is better than Witten or Gonzalez.  I dare someone to say they wouldn’t want a TE that can regularly get your team 12 plus yards on 3rd down, or any down for that matter.  Lewis is durable, strong and smart.  His only negative marks are those 2 fumbles.

So to all those talking heads out there who continue to have tunnel vision & only see Peyton Manning and his teammates when they look at the AFC South or just plain choose to ignore the obvious.  Get ready, cause you’re about to get run over by a Marcedes from Jacksonville.

Shane Clemons

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