McCown should start


That’s it, I’ve seen enough.  Garrard sucks.  Gabbert is getting better, but clearly isn’t there yet.  Time for Luke McCown to get the start.  Luke has shown he can get it done.  I say he should be the starting QB & Gabbert should be the back-up. They should trade Garrard before stinks it up so bad that he has no trade value left.  McCown was very good last year before getting injured so why not give him a chance to start?  What have they got to lose at this point?  There’s just 1 more preseason game left & I see no reason that Luke shouldn’t be giving his chance too.  He looked good against the Falcons didn’t he?  Del Rio needs to get his head out of his backside & let Luke start the next game.  What if he does great?  Maybe Jack knows that will happen & doesn’t want to deal with having to admit that “Fedora Dave” isn’t the answer.


Garrard has been terrible so far & has left the door open for Gabbert to walk right in a take the starting QB job, but Blaine hasn’t yet been able to do that, but I bet Luke could.  I honestly believe that Del Rio knows it too.  I say trade Garrard for more depth on the O-line or a draft pick & give Luke the keys.  Let Blaine continue to learn as McCown’s back-up & I bet the Jaguars will do better.  I think Dave has reached the end of his line with the Jags anyway.  He obviously doesn’t have the ability and/or desire to take it to another level.  Stop waiting for the impossible to happen and move on.  McCown is ready.  He is just wasting his talent sitting on the bench behind Garrard & Gabbert.  I thought the idea was to go with the QB that gives the team the best chance to win and that most definitely isn’t Garrard anymore.  Get rid of him.  There are teams out there that would trade for him.  Get something for him now before teams realize just how bad he really is.  I’m not saying the Jaguars can’t win with Garrard under center, I just think they can win with McCown under center too.  Garrard isn’t so great that he is irreplaceable.  He proves that every time he’s on the field.  

Gabbert will still be the future of this team, but McCown (not Garrard) should be the starter until that time comes.  Gabbert will continue to improve.  He threw his first ever NFL TD last night against the Bills & followed it up  with a 2 point conversion pass.  Yeah, he forced a pass later that was picked off, but he still looked pretty good.  Garrard on the other hand looked pathetic.  More erratic passes & bad decisions won’t help his case at this point.  Someone needs to step up and take control of the offense, so let Luke loose & see what he’s got.  He can’t be worse than Garrard that’s for sure.  McCown seems to be the only QB on the roster that can rise to the occasion when his name gets called. And what ever they do……please, please don’t let Bouman start again.  The only thing worse than watching “Smiley” Dave stink up game after game is having to endure another series of “Tractor Time” with Todd Bouman.

Clear your mind Del Rio. Use the force.  Let Luke lead the team.  Luke is the answer you seek.  He is impressive…..most impressive, when given his opportunity.  Don’t turn to the dark side Del Rio.  There is no “try”, there is only “do” or “do not”.  The force is strong in this one.  And remember, he is not your only hope………there is another.