Mike Sims-Walker says goodbye


After four years with the Jaguars, it appears that WR Mike Sims-Walker’s time is done. Despite all the tools necessary to be a star in the league, Sims-Walker never put up the stats he was capable of and will now test free agency, whenever that is.

I’m a strong believer that MSW’s lack of production in Jacksonville was due to a quarterback that did not fit well with his skill set. As such, I believe that Sims-Walker will have a productive season in 2011 if he is ability to stay healthy. In his four years with the Jaguars, he missed significant time in his first two and was hampered by an injured ankle in 2010.

If MSW is able to put together a productive season in 2011, it could be worth as much as a 3rd round compensatory draft pick in 2012 for the Jaguars. If for no other reason, Jaguars fans should be rooting for him for that reason. Besides that fact, Sims-Walker was a great member of the Jacksonville community and a personable player for fans. He will be missed… by me at least.