Mike Sims-Walker Won’t Change Much

For weeks I have played the role of the optimistic blogger. It’s a role that I feel I fill nicely. There’s some guys that were ready to throw in the proverbial towel for the season after week 3, and there’s been a lot of guys that have taken a very moderate road as it pertains to the Jaguars this season. I, by and large, have taken the optimistic route. That’s why this article may shock and awe some of you. Don’t worry, I’m still and optimistic person, but I refuse to give in to blind stupidity.

I also feel it’s worthy to point out that this article is preventative medicine. I don’t think that most of you are thinking that Mike Sims-Walker will change the Jaguars’ fortunes this year. In fact, I’m guessing that his impact will be minimal through this season, and there’s a strong chance that he’ll be as inconsistent as ever. Regardless, as a fan, I’m glad he’s back in Jacksonville. He still has upside, and he’ll definitely have a chance to contribute from the get go.

Now, here’s what we shouldn’t expect from Mike Sims-Walker. He won’t be a guy that will come in and gain 100+ receiving yards every game. He won’t be hauling in 5-10 catches per game, most likely. He won’t demand double coverage from anyone.

Here’s what he will do for the Jaguars. Sims-Walker will help the Jaguars stretch the field vertically more than they have been able to, at least I think so. He’ll be a great target on those quick slants that the Jaguars love so much. He’ll provide another solid wide receiver target for Blaine Gabbert to throw at other than Mike Thomas. He may even provide enough security at WR for Mike Thomas to go back to handling punts, which would be a big help.

Now that we have put the return of Mike Sims-Walker back into a fair and stable context, we can go celebrate. Letting him go was a move that highly annoyed me, and I’m glad to see him return. He’s not a blockbuster player, but he can, and likely will, help one of the league’s worst receving corps.

Shane Clemons

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