Monday Morning Thoughts: Del Rio Could Be Gone In 2 Weeks

Today, I’m coming out with a “Thought Drop” style article. This is nothing in-depth, but I thought it’d be nice to get the week started with some observations as we move towards the Jaguars’ Monday Night Football matchup with the Baltimore Ravens.

@Jaguars101 posed the question today on Twitter, “If Jaguars lose badly on Monday, how much does that expedite JDR’s firing?” That got me thinking. Jack Del Rio could be in his final two weeks as the Jaguars’ head coach. It’s crazy to actually consider. Two consecutive wins could put the Jaguars right back in the divisional race heading into their bye week. Two more consecutive losses, and Jack Del Rio could very possibly, if not likely, be given his walking papers during the Jaguars’ bye week. It’s now or never for the Jaguars in 2011 in every sense of the phrase.

If it’s true that misery loves company, then Jaguars fans should be hanging out with Colts fans. The Colts most recent defeat, a 62-7 loss to the Saints, stings more than any loss any team has suffered all season. The Colts were not only completely uncompetitive, but the players and coaches alike looked as if they expected it. There was no fight, no will to continue their cause. Did we see the Colts give up on national television? We’ll see. Another thought is this. Could we see the same from the Jaguars tonight? I hope not.

My last thought is this; how much help do the Jaguars need this off-season. The Jaguars continue to generate little to no pass rush, they have a terrible group of receivers, and they can’t block for the quarterback. There’s a lot to be done for sure. We’ve been led to believe, and results have reinforced it, that the Jaguars have been getting ever closer to a break-through year. Jack Del Rio will likely be the first guy to take the fall, but is Gene Smith worth giving a new contract? Has he really done a great job building this roster? The whole punter situation is hard for me to swallow. I’ve always said there’s a fine line between being cheap and being smart, and allowing your punter, Adam Podlesh, to walk seems more along the lines of cheap than smart. That’s just some food for thought to keep you busy the rest of the day.

Shane Clemons

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