Not Again

The Jacksonville Jaguars have signed QB Todd Bouman for the 7th time since 2007.  Seriously, what’s the deal with signing Bouman……again?  I would rather have seen the UDFA QB they just released get a chance than see Bouman In a Jags uniform again.  Are you kidding me?  Are the Jaguars really doing this again?  I know he knows the system & apparently he and Del Rio are all buddy buddy, but come on.  I’m so sick of them signing Bouman.  It is time to move on from the Todd Bouman experiment.  He has never been very good & he is almost 40 years old.  I keep hearing that GM Gene is so great at finding football players that other teams overlook, but he can’t find one decent back-up QB besides Bouman.  Are you insane?  Bouman can’t possibliy be the best choice from all the free agents available. 

Bouman is the Jaguars fall-back option simply because he is familiar with the playbook.  He is NOT anything more than a 3rd string back-up QB.  He should stay on his tractor.  Seriously, can anyone tell me why the Jags can’t seem to find a better option than Todd freakin’ Bouman?  Sure he’s a nice guy, you would be too if all you had to do was sit around waiting for the Jaguars to call you, sign a contract that clearly overpays you, get cut by the team a few weeks later, go back to your farm and repeat.  He is making a killing off the Jaguars for doing basically nothing.  I used to get upset by former Jaguar player Hugh Douglas for taking all that money from the Jags and then going on the radio and saying he took Weaver’s money and didn’t play hard while in Jacksonville & that if any other free agents wanted to make a ton of money for doing nothing, that they should also sign with Jacksonville.  Now it seems he’s was right.  Not only did they throw all that money at players like Drayton Florence, Jerry Porter & Hugh Douglas.  They also traded 6 draft picks for useless players like Derek Harvey & Quinten Groves.  The Jaguars have jettisoned those players, but continue to bring back Bouman time and again.

There are still some better choices than Bouman available to the Jaguars if they’d only give them a chance.  Bring back UDFA QB Riddle, trade for a better backup, sign a free agent. Do anything but PLEASE, PLEASE STOP signing Bouman.  There are free agents still to be had.  Trent Edwards, Brodie Croyle, Tyler Thigpen, Charlie Frye, J.P. Losman, Troy Smith & Dennis Dixon to name a few.  They may not be much better than Bouman, but they are younger and offer more upside.  Trading for a better backup would be my choice.  If I were GM Gene, I’d be calling teams to find out what they want for their backups.  As long as it’s not a first round pick, then I’d be interested.  Trades can be made for QBs like Kyle Orton, Derek Anderson, Charlie Batch,  Rhett Bomar, Brian Brohm, Kellen Clemens, Daniel Chase, Pat Devlin, Bruce Gradkowski, Caleb Hanie or Dan LaFevour.  Any of these QBs could’ve been traded for.  They are all equal to or better than Todd Bouman.  The Jaguars will never get any better by resigning former players, especially former back-up players.  Time to move on guys.  Time to say goodbye to Bouman for good.  Time to give another, younger QB a chance to be the back-up.  There is an old saying that goes ” doing the same thing over and over again is the definition of insanity”.  I can’t be the only fan that feels like he’s going insane every time Bouman gets resigned by the Jags.  I’m begging you GM Gene, STOP THE INSANITY!!!