Peyton on IR

Peyton Manning has officially been listed as “out” for 2-3 months  He could be put on IR, which means he has had a 2nd neck surgery this morning. Rehab for that type of injury is 6-8 weeks minimum.  Peyton could take longer. The Colts are now in a HUGE hole without Manning for the season, but I’m sure they’d rather have him come back healthy & not risk further injury.  We all know that Peyton will come back.  It’s just won’t be this year.  Make no mistake, his absence leaves the AFC South title there for the taking.  He will miss the entire 2011 NFL season.  Remember, he has already had rehab once and Peyton himself said that it was a slow, painful process & that he thought he’d be feeling better by now.  Clearly he needed a 2nd surgery to fix it.

This leaves the Colts with Kerry Collins & Curtis Painter as their QBs.  They have a tough opening schedule starting with a trip to division rivals, the Houston Texans.  Foster, Johnson, Schuab and company will be a tall order for them on opening day.  Then they go home to face the Peyton Hillis, Colt McCoy led Cleveland Browns. Next up is the daunting task of being crushed in front of their own fans at home by the Steelers defense.  If their QBs survive that, they will be traveling to Tampa Bay to try stopping the Buccs & Josh Freeman.  By now they will be limping home to face the Jamal Charles led Kansas City Chiefs.  That’s 5 teams capable of defeating the Colts right out of the gates…….if you’re counting.

Week 6 has the Colts starting a 3 week road trip against the Bengals & their new QB/WR combo of Andy Dalton & A.J. Green.  Talk about going from the frying pan & into the fire, they can look forward to getting shredded by Drew Brees and the Saints next. Ending their road trip against the Titans and RB Chris Johnson before returning to Lucas Oil stadium to play Matt Ryan’s Falcons.  Ryan will have all those offensive weapons primed and Julio Jones, Roddy White & Michael Turner could have a big day.  By week 10 the Colts will be begging for a break, but the Jacksonville Jaguars will try to put them out of their misery first.  By the time the Jaguars play the Colts, the Colts could have only 1 or 2 wins.  They could be a battered & bruised shell of their former selves, making them ripe for the picking.

So you can see how placing Peyton on IR list will bury Indy fast.  By their bye week they could be out of contention and just going through the motions as they look towards next year and a new start.  A new start that will without a doubt see them drafting a QB (or two) for the future.  Indianapolis made their own bed by ignoring the QB position for so long & now they have to lay in it.  It will cost them the AFC South division crown at the least.  In a division a tough as the AFC South, the Colts have to fix their lack of quality QB depth if they want to be contenders again.  Peyton is at the end of his career and they should be thinking about who will be replacing him for the long-term, cause having unretired fossil has-beens & unproven rookie failures is not the way to go. Maybe the Colts should change their logo while they’re at it too.