Peyton’s pick of the week

It’s time for everyone’s favorite game…..Peyton’s pick of the week.  As you may know, Peyton Manning has been rehabbing a neck injury for some time now.  He hasn’t played at all in the first 2 preseason games and has been ruled out for the remaining 2 games as well.  Manning could also miss regular season games, which would leave the AFC South division wide open & would give the Jaguars a huge advantage if they were to start fast and get some wins early…thus putting the Colts in a hole they’d have a tough time digging out of (pun intended).  It could also result in a new division champion if the Colts can’t pull it out again (pun intended again).  It would also hurt Peyton’s fantasy football draft selection….if he can’t play then no one will want to pick him. (sorry, had to say it).

seriously though, it would be a major problem for the Colts if Peyton isn’t ready to play for week 1.  Without Manning on the field, the Colts just suck.  Their back-up QBs are horrible & the entire offense suffers when they play.  The Colts need their offense to be rolling in order to win games, cause their defense won’t be able to do it alone.  Peyton is arguably the best QB in the league, he;s the QB you love to hate if your a Jaguars fan. 

But give the devil his due.


Peyton flat out can beat you.  He can shred any defense.  He doesn’t get sacked alot & doesn’t throw many bad passes.  Plus he seems to have the refs in his back pocket all the time.  Calls always seem to go the Colt’s way when Peyton is playing.  Even when they get flagged for some minor infraction, Peyton crys to the refs & acts shocked that they threw that little yellow flag at his feet.


So if the Colts want to win, they need to get Peyton back as quick as possible. Otherwise they can kiss they chance at repeating as AFC South champs goodbye.  But it may be out of their control.  Peyton might not get medical clearance to play by week 1.  In all fairness, he is hurt.  You would be too if you had a bum neck holding up that huge, bruised melon of a head.


So maybe it’s time to just let Peyton sit this one out and get better before throwing him from the frying pan into the fire.  Peyton might just need more time to sit down, relax, put some ice on that massive forehead of his and go back to the bench & call it a career.



  I don’t think this will happen, but one can dream right.  No, Peyton will come back.  He will try to rally his team around him & g et some more Ws in the win column.  This is going to be a sad end to a great career.  How long can his neck survive the hits he’ll take in the NFL?  The Colts really need to get a QB of the future, cause Manning isn’t gonna last long at this rate.  I’d pick them (sorry, had to shove one more pun in there) to to finish 3rd in the division behind the Jaguars & Texans if Peyton isn’t the starting QB for week 1.