Premium positions require premium draft picks

It is my thought that the Jaguars need to, and will draft a quarterback in the 2011 NFL Draft. I’ll spare a long post as to why, because frankly, it seems like an obvious position of need and a premium position that needs to be addressed early and often if it’s not at the highest quality of play. As Edward Dollahan (also known as Ewdtrey on Big Cat Country and Twitter) said: “Until you can find a great QB, you are just trying to fake it til you can get one.”

The Jaguars don’t have a great quarterback by any stretch of the imagination. Even those that are fans of Garrard wouldn’t go so far as to say he is an elite player in the game as Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and, more recently, Aaron Rodgers have proven to be. The Jaguars need to find a quarterback that is capable of winning a Super Bowl because without one, you’re simply wasting your time.

I’ve heard the argument that an elite quarterback isn’t necessarily an absolute need to win the Super Bowl, as quarterbacks like Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson were able to do so. My reply to that would be that no other position is more important to building a Super Bowl quality team than the quarterback position.

An elite quarterback is a premium unlike any other position and it’s something that every team without one is on the lookout for. Finding one is far from easy. Many drafts come away with no starting quality quarterbacks, let alone Super Bowl quality ones. David Garrard, a 4th round pick, is clearly the class of his field in 2004 that included the likes of Joey Harrington, David Carr and Patrick Ramsey all taken in the first round.

That doesn’t mean, however, that the Jaguars should look to the middle and later rounds of the draft to find their quarterback. History has shown that the best quarterbacks long-term in a draft come from early in the draft. While that sounds like a duh moment, the point is that you shouldn’t expect guys like Nathan Enderle, Tyrod Taylor or Scott Tolzein to become Super Bowl MVPs. Sure you can cross your fingers, but don’t hold your breath.

The last six Super Bowls have been won by players drafted in the first or second round. The two prior were won by the draft steal of all draft steals, Tom Brady. So while the Jaguars need to address defense in the draft, they also need to address quarterback. When drafting a premium position, a team should draft at that position with a premium draft pick.