Q&A: Questions From John

Today, we’re looking at questions from John. Most of these are from our friend, John McGrath, who has been writing articles for the site, but one is from one John Garlock. As always, most of these are football centric, but I’m not promising that all of the answers will be completely straightforward. As with all things in life, the mailbag is not purely black and white. Let’s jump right to it.

John Garlock: The Jaguars are in the second toughest division in the NFL. How do you think they would fare in the toughest division, the NFC North?

Shane: NFC North? Toughest division? No no no. The NFC South is the toughest division in football. They have 2 solid playoff teams and another that has a good shot at a wild card birth. The Jaguars would stack up well against the Vikings and the Bears, but the Lions and the Packers pose major issues, because; the Jaguars don’t defend the pass well. The Jaguars would likely beat the Lions, however, as their receivers don’t complete the process of catching the ball.

John McGrath: Now that the Jaguars have about $30 million to spend, How do you think they\’ll spend it? Obviously getting Marcedes Lewis signed to a long-term deal is priority one, but will they now go after any big-name free agents or just sign a few more quality players to add more depth? Maybe they go all out to get some undrafted players instead of free agents? GM Gene and $30 million could go a long way towards improving the roster. Your thoughts on this?

Shane: With the salary floor so high (reportedly), I would be surprised if the Jaguars didn’t pursue an A-lister or two, but Gene Smith won’t throw piles of cash at people he doesn’t believe in. I expect a big name or two such as Weddle, Cromartie, Cooper, etc., but I also expect him to add a lot of the second tier work-horses that make up the bulk of every NFL team.

McGrath: Which rookie do you think will see the most on-field action this season and why? I think it will be between Prosinski & Rackley due to the much needed depth on the O-line and better play needed at the safety position. Plus, Prosinski should get some time on special teams.

Shane: I think Prosinski has the greatest chance of all the rookies to start, but I really think that he won’t. I think Gene Smith will add a safety that will come in and start over him. I agree that Rackley will likely see significant playing time at guard, but I’d be surprised if he starts. I do, however, expect to see Rackley on the field more than any other Jaguars rookie this season.

McGrath: Any chance Colts DE Robert Mathis actually holds out and gets traded. I know everybody talks about Freeny, but Mathis is a huge part of why he is so successful. Mathis is by no means a slouch of a DE either. Can we package Harvey, Carey & Constidine for Mathis……please?

Shane: I have the advantage of living in Colts country, so; I do tend to have more knowledge of the Jaguars’ biggest thorn in their side than most fans, but I didn’t really know. I asked‘s Nate Dunlevy whether Mathis would holdout and this is his response, “ No. There’s no chance. He said as definitively and clearly as he could. Mathis is not holding out.” There you have it.

McGrath: If you were GM Gene and you were trying to get a LB in free agency, whom would you pick and why? Rudd, Poslunzny or Cooper?

Shane: Without knowing tons about any of these players, I would choose Cooper. Him and Eric Weddle have both had a lot of success against Peyton Manning, and I would try to add as many of those guys as possible. I’m also hearing that Antonio Cromartie is on the Jaguars’ radar. He’s another guy that’s been at his best against Peyton.

That’s all for this week. I’m keeping the extras on tap for next time. If you have a question for next week’s Q&A, fill out the form below and shoot it off to me.

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