Quarterback Crush


I don’t know about you, but I love hard-hitting, blitz-crazy, knock the QB on his ass football.  I really miss the days were defenses buried QBs in the backfield & weren’t flagged for unnesessary roughness.  I like to see QBs get crushed from their blindside, or when he gets his helment riped off his head as he’s thrown to the turf by a linebacker or DT.  I miss watching defensive players knock a QB flat on his back & then step on his chest on the way back to the line of scrimmage.  I enjoy seeing a QB picked up by a DE and pile-drived into the turf.  I look forward to seeing Peyton, Schuab, Hasselback, Locker or any other QB in a Titan, Colt or Texan uniform being treated this way.  

I used to love it when Kerry Collings got rolled up like a human pretzel int he backfield.


or when Vince Young got his bell ring & he was lying on the turf wondering what just happened.


I also liked to see Texans QB Matt Schuab get his neck tuned into a twisler


and I was delighted to see Carr have a guy jump on his back…..time & time again.


I laughed when an entire D-line meet at Peyton Manning for a group hug.

manning then just left him to crawl back to the huddle to ask if anyone got the license number of the truck that just ran him over.

only to get crushed again.  The QB must go down & he must go down hard……& he must stay down.