Scobee was perfect…..

unfortunately, he was the ONLY perfect part of the Jaguars 1st preseason game of 2011.  The Jaguars were missing lots of key players, but that’s no excuse for the poor preformance against the Patriots thursday night.  Del Rio had better get his head out of his butt and get things fixed REAL FAST.  The worst part of that game in my mind is that the offensive play calling was so predicable, so damn vanilla that 2nd and 3rd string offense made the New England defense look like seasoned NFL vets crushing some little league flag football kids & Jacksonville’s back-up defense did the same for their offense. 

That’s not to say that there weren’t any positives to take away from that game for the Jags.  Gabbert look decent in his first ever NFL action.  Not great, but decent.  He didn’t throw a touchdown, but he didn’t throw an interception either.  He also showed some confidence in the pocket. He threw some nice passes and some high passes.  Alualu was strong at the point of attack.  Jason Hill made receptions.  The starting O-line gave Gabbert good protection and the starting D-line got good push, but no sacks.  The starting linebackers and secondary almost made 3 turnovers.  The defense looked fast & hit hard. And as the title of this article says, Scobee was perfect on 3 FG trys from 41 yards, 31 yards & 29 yards out. Deji Karim looked very good running & a 84 yard kick off return. Back-ups Bosworth & Cutera made solid plays & tackles.

Now for the bad (and I’m not just talking about Todd “go back to your tractor” Bouman). The only pain brought by DE Austen Lane was having to watch him get stone-walled every time.  The receivers dropped alot of balls, including a uncharacteristic drop by Thomas on a perfectly thrown pass. Underwood had hands of stone. Zach Miller also dropped passes & NEEDS to block better.  Poslusnzy was caught out of position on a couple of pass plays.  Mathis was beat badly on a pass that luckily was overthrown.  DB Wheately got turned around & looked really bad on a long pass down the sideline.  The second team offense looked like swiss cheese as the Patriots back-up linebackers and D-line got in the backfield and racked up 4 sacks for the night.  Jacksonville’s second & third string defense played the entire 2nd half of the game and were continually beat like a drum.  Poor tackling and even poorer pass defense allowed the New England rookies to destroy the Jags to the tune of 47 – 12 by the time this game was mercifully over.

Patriots rookie Rb Stevan Ridley ripped the Jags defense on the ground & through the air on his way to 3 TDs. Their rookie WR Taylor Price also burned the Jags D all night.  OBs Hoyer and Mallet seemed to have all day to find open receivers and throw TDs.  Del Rio has 3 more weeks to get this team turned around.  Hopefully he’ll get help from MJD, Lewis, Britton, Garrard, Roth and Kampman soon.  It may seem like a difficult task, but it is by no means impossible. Try not to freak out and throw anything at your T.V.  It will get better.  Remember, the players only had about a week of practice and the free agents still need time to gel with the rest of the team.  Hopefully by the time the regular season rolls around, Scobee won’t be the only perfect part of this team.  GO JAGS !!!