Still Time In Jacksonville

As I was looking through the records of the teams in the AFC South, I notice that the Jaguars are only 2 wins behind the division leading Titans. Unless I’m much mistaken, the AFC South’s last victory is now three weeks in the past (last 2 weeks, AFC South is 0-7). Now, with a division like that, the Jaguars still have an opportunity to get back into the divisional race.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure a way for the Jaguars to get into the playoffs, and let me assure you, it is still very much within the realm of possibility. The Jaguars are 1-0 within the AFC South, and that’s key, especially against the Titans and Texans. The Jaguars most important task will be to do exactly what the Raiders did last year. They need to be perfect within the division. You may laught at that notion, but the Texans are very banged up, and the Jaguars already took care of the Titans once. The Colts aren’t a very intimidating team right now, but it’s still possible that Manning could be back for their week 17 match-up.

The Jaguars will need to win at least 2 non-divisional games the rest of the way. Now for my quick math (Jaguars have 1 current win + 5 divisional wins needed + 2 non-divisional wins needed = 8-8). So, the Jaguars could legitimately win the division at 8-8 if everything lines up correctly for them. Keep hope guys, this season still, despite 5 straight losses, isn’t lost just yet.

Team Wins Losses Ties Div. Rec.
Tennessee Titans 3 2 0 0-1
Houston Texans 3 3 0 1-0
Jacksonville Jaguars 1 5 0 1-0
Indianapolis Colts 0 6 0 0-1

Shane Clemons

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