Stuffers, Muggers, and Thieves (Week One)

Here is part two of my Week One Class Rankings.  In this part, I will give you the list of players who can come in and make a difference in the Run, Pass, and Special Teams game.  I of course am talking about Linebackers, Corners, and Safeties.  Who knows how this season will play out, but what we do know is what we already have.  Rashean Mathis is old and has regressed the past two seasons.  Call it injuries, call it the lack of pass rush, regardless, he just plain wasn’t good.  Cox while young, still hasn’t shown much more  than flashes and had to be benched to start the last season.  We have made moves and gotten stronger in the back Seven, and have seen some pundits call us the best (front) Seven in the running attack.  Landry (depending where he plays) should be good, and rightfully so, he got paid, but opposite of him still remains a question mark.  We made another trade for a late round pick on a FS from the Jets.  We have Prosinski who we drafted last year as well as Rod Issac, who we seem to be prepping for a position change to Strong Safety.



Outside Linebackers:

  1. Zach Brown, North Carolina (Top-20 pick)
  2. Travis Lewis, Oklahoma (Late First-Early Second)
  3. Lavonte David, Nebraska (Second)
  4. Nigel Bradham, Florida State (Late Second-Early Third)
  5. Keenan Robinson, Texas (Third)
  6. Sean Spence, Miami (fl) (Late Third-Early Fourth)
  7. Tyler Nielsen, Iowa (Early Fourth)
  8. Tank Carder, Texas Christian (Fourth)
  9. Darius Flemming, Notre Dame (Late Fourth)
  10. Kenny Tate, Marylan (Late Fourth)

Middle Linebackers:

  1. Vontaze Burflict, Arizona State (Top-10)
  2. Manti Te’O, Notre Dame (Top-20)
  3. Luke Keuchly, Boston College (Top-20)
  4. Don’t’a Hightower, Alabama (Late First)
  5. Courtney Upshaw, Alabama (Early Second)
  6. Chris Marve, Vanderbilt (Second)
  7. James-Michael Johnson, Nevada (Late Second-Early Third)
  8. Korey Williams, Southern Mississippi (Late Third)
  9. Audie Cole, North Carolina (Fourth)
  10. Jerry Franklin, Arkansas (Late Fourth)


  1. Dre Kirkpatrick, Alabama (Top-10)
  2. Alfonzo Dennard, Nebraska (Top-15)
  3. Jayron Hosley, Virginia Tech (Top-25)
  4. Jannoris Jenkins, North Alabama (Late First)
  5. Morris Claiborne, Louisiana State University (Early Second)
  6. Cliff Harris, Oregon (Early Second)
  7. Stephon Gilmore, South Carolina (Second)
  8. Coryell Judie, Texas A&M (Late Second)
  9. Donnie Fletcher, Boston College (Late Second)
  10. Shaun Prater, Iowa (Early Third)


  1. Robert Lester, Alabama (First)
  2. Ray Ray Armstrong, Miami (fl) (Early Second)
  3. Mark Baron, Alabama (Second)
  4. T.J. McDonald, Southern California (Second)
  5. Eddie Whitley, Virginia Tech (Late Second)
  6. Markelle Martin, Oklahoma State (Late Second)
  7. Tony Dye, UCLA (Early Third)
  8. Delano Howell, Stanford (Third)
  9. Trumaine Johnson, Montana (Third)
  10. Aaron Henry, Wisconsin (Late Third)