Suck 4 Luck

The Jaguars are 1-4 and will most likely be 1-7 by their bye week.  It won’t get any better if they keep playing the way they have so far.  They will not beat the Steelers,the Ravens or the Texans playing this bad on offense.  I honestly don’t see them winning more than 2 more games at this rate.  Maybe the split with the Colts and catch the Browns off guard, but I can’t see them winning any other games if they don’t figure out a way to turn this offense around in a hurry.  Del Rio might be gone by mid-season if this continues.  I know that the players have his back and that he’s probably doing everything he can think of to get a victory and lots of fans like him, but until they actually start winning games it doesn’t amount to anything (except in the loss column). 

We all know that the defense is better, but the offense is woefully bad.  They can’t catch, can’t hike the ball right, can’t punk for crap, can’t get open, can’t get separation, drop too many passes, can’t block on pass or run plays, can’t give Gabbert enough time, can’t stop defenses from loading up against the run, can’t figure out how to get the ball to their pro bowl TE more often, can’t keep their other TE healthy, can’t sustain drives, can’t get a balanced offensive attack, can’t stop going 3 & out, can’t score in the redzone, can’t score in the 2nd half of games & can’t save Del Rio’s job.

They are firmly entrenched in the race for QB Andrew Luck at this point.  I know that having 2 young, talented QBs would be a great thing, but I hope they win the “Suck 4 Luck” race for a different reason.  I want them to have the 1st pick in the next draft so that they can trade it to some other team for a butt load of picks.  Luck is the only player in recent memory that has the potential to fix a team in multiple ways.  You could pick him & have a top QB for many years, one that could easily turn you misfortune around very quickly.  He could also be traded for a lot of picks.  Julio Jones was traded for half of Atlanta’s picks, including some from next years draft.  Luck may be the only player other than RB Ricky Williams that can be traded for an entire draft of picks.  Now imagine what the Jaguars could do with all those draft picks over the next few years.  They could quite literally transform their entire roster.  Upgrading any position of need, due to old age or positions lacking depth on offense & defense

They could get a dominate RT or Center, completely load up on top WRs, get that bad ass DE(or 2) that has eluded them for so long, Shutdown corners…..done, ball hawking FS/SS……done, a punter that can kick more than 22 yards, a talented back-up QB, O-line/D-line depth……imagine the possibilities.  The Jaguars could become what the Bills & Lions have become this season.  They could turn it around FAST. A team like that would attract more free agents as well as top tier head coach applicants.  I hope the Jaguars don’t absolutely tank the rest of the season, but winning the rights to Andrew Luck would be an amazing silver lining to a horrible 2011 season. Sucking so bad this year might be a good thing.  The Jaguars would be lucky to land Luck.  Winning that lottery could be considered a landslide victory in more ways than one. 

Do I feel bad for Del Rio? No, he’s had 9 years and has done nothing.  Do I feel bad for the Jaguars players?  No, they will make millions of dollars win or lose.  I feel bad for the fans that have to watch this crap for another year or pay for tickets to watch it live.  For those of you that do buy tickets, I understand that it’s got to be tough, but god bless you for your support and remember that it will get better, just probably not until next year.  For those of you that bleed teal, don’t give up.  With a little Luck the Jaguars will be back in the playoffs soon.  Please don’t let the Colts win the “Suck 4 Luck” & for the love of everything teal…. if you do get him, trade him to a NFC team.