Terrelle Pryor and the CBA

Today, we’re knocking out two topics with one article. Maybe that’s because there’s not a whole lot to talk about, and maybe that’s because the topics aren’t directly related to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Either way, this is the type of article extended work stoppages tend to lead to, so; we’ll make the best of it, and hope for a new CBA in the near future.

First let’s tackle the Terrelle Pryor topic. His agent has said that he’s worth a first round pick (a bid in this case), but I don’t think any analyst that has any level of credibility truly believes this. Sure, Pryor has some potential to be a great player in the league, but he’ll need more than a ringing endorsement from Jon Gruden, a quarterback guru that never had anything more in that department than Rich Gannon.

Now let’s be realistic here. Pryor is a guy with very little developed talent, so; he’ll need a lot of time and coaching to become a top tier quarterback in the NFL. On top of all that, he is only entering the supplemental draft after saying he would be back at Ohio State for the 2011 season. That leads to character concerns. My gut says that Pryor warrants a 4th round pick, but there might be a quarterback needy team willing to offer a 3rd round pick to snag Pryor.

Now we move to the CBA side of the article. Optimism continues to be shown by both sides as CBA talks continue, but an agreement by Jim Irsay’s July 4th deadline is seeming unlikely at best right now. For those of you unfamiliar with Irsay’s deadline, it’s a date that Irsay said was the deadline for having a full off-season to prepare for the upcoming NFL season. According to him, and many analysts agree, anything beyond that will begin to heavily favor teams with systems in place that didn’t change much this off-season.

As negotiations between the NFLPA* and the NFL owners continue, it seems apparent that there will be a new CBA by the start of the season. The question is how much longer will it take to strike a deal. At this point, teams like the Steelers, Ravens, Patriots, Colts, Packers, Saints, etc. will benefit more and more from a comparative advantage. I’m confident a deal will get done. The only question is when.

Shane Clemons

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