The Danger of Declaring David Garrard the Starting Quarterback

Jack Del Rio was asked by members of the media if David Garrard would be the starter week 1 of the regular season. Here’s Del Rio’s exact answer:

“”Yeah. David’s our starter. I said that all spring,””

I’m not usually in favor of declarations concerning very tight battles so early in the pre-season, especially at the team’s most important position, but I also think we’re blowing this out of proportion. What I took from the quote is this:

“Yeah. David’s our starter [as of now]. I said that all spring, [but this is football, things can turn on a dime]”

Basically what the quote says to me is that if Del Rio had to pick a starting quarterback today, for a game played this Sunday, it would be David Garrard. Members of the media and bloggers such as myself have poked and prodded at the quote, but I think we’re all looking into this way too much.

Del Rio had a couple of other motivations that might have led to such a seemingly premature statement. First off, Del Rio may have been trying to ease some of the pressure that is being thrown onto David Garrard. Let’s face it, the Jaguars haven’t been a playoff team since 2007, and it takes a complete team to make it to the NFL’s promise land.

JDR may have also been looking to send a message to the backups, something to the affect of, “If you want it, you have to do more.” I’m a simple guy, and I only watched the week 2 pre-season game once, and here’s what I saw from the quarterbacks. David Garrard missed some passes, but he looked comfortable in the offense. Blaine Gabbert made a couple plays, but he looked flustered by the defense. Luke McCown, playing with 2nd and 3rd team players, looked extremely sharp, and he made all the plays he could have.

Sure, the best quarterback in that game, including Falcons QBs, was Luke McCown, but 2nd and 3rd team players aren’t a great measuring stick of how he’d play with the 1st team offense against the 1st team defense. I’d still like to see him get that chance, but right now, the only choice that makes sense is David Garrard. He’s our starter, and I think he’d absolutely love to have our support, and I’m gonna give him mine.

Shane Clemons

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