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Shane Clemons – Head Writer
I'm a huge Jaguars fan, but I'm in the unfortunate position of living in Indiana. I actually love the state, but I just never connected with the team here. Instead, I follow the Jaguars as well as possible. I've been a die-hard fan of the Jaguars since 1998. One of the best moments of my life was traveling to Jacksonville in 2007 to see a game live, at Everbank Field. I am also the head writer at

Michael Clinton – Writer
I have been a die-hard Jaguars fan since day one. I am the web producer for a business geared newspaper in Downtown Jacksonville. Living in Jacksonville from 1995-2008, I have had the luxury of having many first hand experiences with the team due to a family member working for Alltel. Now that I am back in town after graduating from the University of Central Florida, I am ready to get back to what I love the most – journalism and Jaguars. I am a straight shooter and I know when to take the teal sunglasses off and be critical of the organization. Feel free to contact me at or on Twitter at @mclinton57.

Mike Tiscione – Writer
I’ve been a Jaguars fan from the beginning, despite being up in New York. I travel down to Jacksonville every season for two home games, and hope to eventually move down to Florida in the near future. I’m in my final semester at the College of Saint Rose in Albany, New York, for Communications (Public Relations & Advertising). I’ll be attending Graduate School in the fall for Integrated Marketing Communication. My all-time favorite Jaguar is Fred Taylor, with my favorite Jaguars game being the 2007 Wild Card victory over the Steelers in Pittsburgh, which I attended live. You can contact me by e-mail at, or follow me on Twitter @jagsfanmjt.

Shane Clemons

About Shane Clemons

Shane Clemons came from humble beginnings creating his own Jaguars blog before moving on to SBNation as a featured writer for the Jaguars. He then moved to Bloguin where he briefly covered the AFC South before taking over Bloguin's Jaguars blog. Since the inception of This Given Sunday, Shane has served as an editor for the site, doing his best not to mess up a good thing.