The Missing Link


This is what the Jaguars are missing.  Take a real good look.  What do you see?  I see a dominate WR that fights for the ball every time.  I see a WR that can out jump defenders for the ball.  I see a WR that creates mismatches.  I see a WR that actually catches the damn ball.  I see a WR that is physical & can create separation even where there appears to be none.  I see a WR that puts freakin’ points on the board.   Now ask yourself this, when was the last time you saw a Jaguars WR do any of those things?   Justin Blackmon is a beast of a WR.  He is a nightmare for CBs.  He is the ultimate weapon for a QB.  He can be the playmaker the Jags have needed ever since Jimmy Smith retired.  Blackmon can be our version of Michael Irving in teal. He will be available in the draft when the Jaguars pick & they cannot afford to pass up the chance to get a player of his ability.  Defenses don’t fear the Jaguars WRs.  Blackmon will be that fear factor the Jags have been missing for so long.

I know a lot of people will say that the Jags should draft another big guy(not another Whimpy beeotch) up front, but the O-line can be addressed in free agency or later in the draft.  The most glaring hole on this team is clearly at the WR position.  Last night’s game (or any game this year other that the game against Tampa) makes this point painfully obvious to anyone watching.  The Jags have NO threat other than MJD.  Gabbert needs better weapons around him to succeed.  What better weapon than a WR that dominates defenses like Blackmon does?  There should be no doubt regarding who the Jags should draft with their 1st round pick.

Draft Blackmon, sign a WR like Bowe or Jackson in free agency, then get a player like Sanu or McNutt later in the draft and you instantly fix this woeful offense.  And the Jags can still get another RT later in the draft too. This is not rocket science people.  The Jags desperately need a big time WR.  Blackmon is that big time WR.  End of discussion.  If this team truly wants to get back into the playoffs or have any hope of EVER getting to the SuperBowl, then they need to stop F’ing around and go get a true difference maker at the WR position.  Until this happens they will NEVER be a contender again…..PERIOD.

And for those of you who would make the arguement for drafting another DE, signing Cliff Avril from the Lions in free agency will take care of that.  Other fans would like them to get a CB or even another QB.  Please stop.  The Jaguars are not going to draft another QB and just give up on Gabbert after just 1 season with no WR help.  Give him the weapons before you cast judgement on him.  Mathis will probably be brought back at a much lower price.  If not then get his replacement (Brent Grimmes) in free agency.  The bottom line is this…….DRAFT BLACKMON!!!!!