The Peyton Effect


Colts fans everywhere are in a state of shock.  Jaguars fans everywhere are having a party.  Indianaplois Colts QB Peyton Manning is out indefinately due to his injured neck, which might require a 2nd surgery to fix.  A second surgery also means a second rehab.  Peyton could miss alot more than just the season opener.  This leaves the door wide open for the Jaguars to claim the AFC South division title.  The Jags need to start fast & finish strong this season to win the division.  The Texans look to be pretty good this year, if Foster can repeat as the NFL’s best rusher.  The Titans have resigned Chris Johnson, which improves their chances.  But Jacksonville is the most improved of the 3 teams trying to wrestle the title away from the Colts.  The Jaguars defense has been greatly improved & the offense just needs to gel a bit more & get healthy in order to become a formidable team.  The Jaguars were in contention late into last season & should be again this year.  Peyton’s problems increase Jacksonville’s chances ten-fold.  

As the Indy fans cry in their beers & attempt to comfort each other.  Jaguars fans are ordering another round as they dance in the streets.  Colts fans everywhere are face-palming themselves and pulling out their hair.  Jaguars fans are high-fiving each other & jumping up and down.   Every Jags fan has a smile from ear to ear right bout now.   Everbank field will be rockin’ on sunday.  Lucas Oil stadium will have to pump in more fake cheers to drown out the sound of all those sobbing fans.  The Colts flat out suck without Peyton.  We all know it, even the die hard fans in Indy.  Without Manning, Reggie Wayne won’t be getting all those passes, yards and TDs he’s so used to.  Dallas Clark won’t be the big threat that he normally is.  Collie, Addai, Mathis & Freeney will just be going thru the motions.  Their defense won’t play as fast.  Their fans will just sit in the stands in stunned silence.  Peyton will be standing on the side-line in street clothes dreaming about next year.  The entire Colts organization knows that without Peyton under center thier season is lost.

The Jaguars must be licking their chops and salivating at the thought of playing the Colts without Manning.  The Colts will probally have more turnovers than touchdowns.  Kerry Collins is not the answer & Painter is even worse.  Didn’t they just resign Peyton to a 5 year contract?  Can the Colts get their money back?  What happens if Peyton comes back & gets sacked hard and hurts his neck again?  It could end his career.  I guarantee that the Colts will use a high draft pick on a QB in the next draft.  I wonder if they will trade up & try to get Andrew Luck.  That’s exactly what the Colts need……..lots & lots of luck.

So Jags fans everywhere rejoice.  Live it up & prepare to watch the Jaguars win the division & get to the playoffs again. And in the most excellent words of Bill & Ted “Party on dude”.