The Return of Superman

Finally, we get to see what we’ve all been waiting for.  The return of the franchise player.  The return of Superman. The return of one Maurice Jones-Drew.  Tonight we get to see him run, catch & hopefully score some TDs.  We will witness his herculean ability to break tackles.  His ability to outrun defenders en route to the endzone.  His ability to juke linebackers right out of their shoes or run right over cornerbacks & safeties.  All will witness his undeniable talent for making the Jaguars a much better team & for giving defensive coordinators across the NFL nightmares as they try to figure out how to stop him.  They will fail.

Number 32 is without a doubt the number 1 player for the Jags.  Pro bowl speed, power and agility make him a player that demands the respect and attention of every defense in the league.  MJD takes the Jaguars to a whole new level.  Don’t worry about that knee surgery.  He is ready to go.  His presence alone should open up the opportunities for other players as well.   With teams watching MJD all night, receivers & tight ends will be open more.  He can also block with the best.  He will knock defenders on the butts.  Remember  how he knocked Shawn Merriman flat on his back a few years back? 

Maurice says he’s ready to get back on the field and pop somebody.  That’s just what you’d want to hear from him.  He’s not about to shy away from contact, in fact he looks forward to it.  He has been described as a wrecking ball with legs & he is looking to wreck some defensive schemes, that’s for sure.  For he is no mear mortal.  He is a Jacksonville Jaguars & we will hear him roar tonight.  He is our Superman in teal & white. He has come back to save the day. Have no fear……Mojo Drew is here!

Jones-Drew ran for over 100 yards in 6 straight games last season.  I think he can do better this season.  He will have more yards & more touchdowns.  He has something to prove.  Last year was not a fluke.  He will do it again.  Pocket Hercules is here to shake the pillars of the NFL to their cores.  Woe those that stand in his way.  For he will lay waste to their defenses & he will lead this team to victory time & again.  Do not underestimate his fortitude, his desire, his commitment to winning.  He will crush the Titans beneath his feet.  The Colts will pull his chariot as he helps claim the division title.  No one can hope to contain him.  Not Texans, not Steelers, not Patriots nor Chargers.  Not even the mighty Packers from the barren wastes of the north can withstand his onslaught on the record books as he rushes to the Super Bowl.  He has come to rewrite the history of not just the Jaguars, but the entire NFL.  He leads the Teal & Black attack.  We will cheer him on from the bleachers as he carries our standard upon his helmet into battle.  All hail the return of Superman.