The Value of Sports Bloggers

It’s Sunday, which means I get to write about whatever I want. Today, I want to tackle an often debated issue. How much value is there in sports blogging? In my mind there’s a lot.

Groups like ESPN, Yahoo Sports, NBC Sports, etc. are very good at reporting facts. They hire top notch people to report on breaking news. After that, they hire analysts, often former athletes and coaches, to analyze breaking news and developments.

Sports bloggers have no chance, most of the time, at breaking news. The best we can hope for is to happen across early reports of trades, signings, firings, etc. and to quickly post something before the big boys can get to it. After all, search engines like Google love those who are first to the punch.

So where is the real value in sports blogging?

Unlike the big boys, small sports blogs have the advantage of not worrying about huge amounts of backlash. For example. Let’s say an ESPN analyst said that Peyton Manning was a sissy for “sacking himself.” That will get around to the Colts, and someone on that team will probably shoot their mouth about how Manning is great, and it’s okay for him to slide. It is also likely that the ESPN analyst who made those comments will give a “heartfelt” public apology.

Now let’s say that I say Manning is a sissy for “sacking himself.” Big deal. What are the chances that those comments ever make their way back to Manning? Slim. What are the chances that I apologize for one of my comments? Even slimmer. There’s the value of sports bloggers. We can say what we want to say.

Some sports blogs delve into breaking news. Bleacher Report and SBNation both dabble in the reporting side, but it’s most often simple stuff like going to a teams training camp and reporting on what that team did/who looked good. That’s great, and frankly, I wish I had the resources to do that.

Sports blogs aren’t meant to keep you on the cutting edge of breaking news. I can almost promise you that I won’t be the first person to write an article about Blaine Gabbert taking over David Garrard’s job (whenever that does happen), but I can promise a piece that shares my feelings and thoughts on the matter. I could try to play the big boys’ game, but I’d lose, so; I’ll play the sports bloggers’ game. I’ll analyze, over-analyze, rinse, and repeat. That’s our game, and we’re sticking to it.

Shane Clemons

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