The Wrath of Khan

Prepare for the wrath of KKHHHAAAANNNNNN!!!!!    Shahid Khan is the new owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars.  He paid a reported $760 million for the team……..IN CASH!!!!  Khan has wasted no time in changing the Jaguars.  Gone are Del Rio & his false promises.  Gone is the shoe salesman Weaver.  Gone is the former QB coach.  Gone is WR Jason Hill & his hands of stone  Gone are the Jaguars we used to know.  Shahid Khan ushers in a new era in Jaguars history.  He has deep pockets and isn’t afraid to pay for what he wants.  If he desires a top WR  or 2 in the draft or free agency it will happen.  How about that top tier DE that the Jaguars have always needed, done.  Shut down corner back or safety, done.   He does not strike me as a man that will be timid.  he will go after and get what he wants, meaning what the Jags need.

Khan will not shy away from high priced, big name free agents.  He will do whatever it takes to get the jags back in the playoffs & to the Super Bowl.  Mark my words, Gabbert will have the weapons he needs to succeed in the NFL.  The Jags defense will continue to dominate.  Khan will not waste time making this happen & he will not waste the talent on this team.  MJD will not be the only star playing for the Jags.  Khan will not stand for mediocrity.  He will not allow the Jaguars to be average anymore.  He has the drive that Weaver & Del Rio did not.  The rest of the NFL should take notice.  Khan has arrived & he will not stop until the talking heads Sports Center have no choice but to accept the fact that the Jacksonville Jaguars are an elite NFL team.

Khan is a success.  His team will be too.  I believe that teams are a reflection of their owners & coaches.  Weaver & Del Rio were burnt out, worn down & had lost that inner fire.  They were defeated.  Khan is burning with a need to succeed in the NFL.  He will strive for the Lombardi trophy.  He has the presence & strength to make this team follow him into battle & crush any opposition.  His passion for the game will be reflected in his players.  They will rise up and become elite.  They will not be defeated so easily in the future.  Just like that gross little space slug from Star Trek, doubt will crawl into the ear holes of every other NFL team.  It will burrow through their ear drums and then into their brains where it will lay an egg that will turn into fear.  That fear will manifest itself every time they play against Jacksonville Jaguars.  That fear will be known as the WRATH OF KHAN!!!