Things to Watch In the Jaguars, Bills Game

Pass Rush
Jeremy Mincey will be out with a concussion, and he was great against the Atlanta Falcons. It’ll be interesting to see if the Jaguars can back up a great performance against the Falcons with another one against the Bills. Alualu was another big-time player against the Falcons. He was constantly collapsing the pocket. Another strong performance up front would certainly build confidence among the team and it’s fans.

Paul Posluszny
Really, I’ll be keeping an eye on all of the linebackers, but more specifically, I’ll be keeping tabs of how Posluszny plays. I realize that it’s often over-hyped, and really doesn’t mean that much when a player plays his former team, but it’s still fun to watch. Mostly, I’ll just be watching for a big hit or two from Posluszny.

The Secondary
We continue our defensive theme (we’ll switch gears soon) with the secondary. I could have put these first three items under one category, but I prefer to elaborate on exactly what I’ll be watching for. These guys played exceptionally well except for one play, the Falcons long touchdown pass. I’ll be watching the safeties very closely as that’s been the biggest problem with the secondary in years past. I see no reason they shouldn’t be able to handle the Bills offense after virtually shutting down Matt Ryan.

I simply couldn’t leave this off the list. With a strong showing, David Garrard could win the starting job. If Gabbert has a strong showing and Garrard doesn’t, it could be wide open once again. Finally, if Luke McCown has a strong showing, and Garrard and Gabbert both falter, there’s potential for a true three horse race.

Wide Receivers
This is the Jaguars most uncertain position going into the regular season. I’ll be watching Hill and Shorts the most, but as a whole, I’ll be watching for clean routes, good communication, and good catches. If they can lock down those three things, they’ll help their quarterbacks have a good day.

Shane Clemons

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