Titanic failure


Tennessee Titans fans must be hanging their heads in shame. They should be sitting on a bench, crying over this huge mess of a team.  This once proud team has been torn apart, beaten down & basically become an embarrassment.  A team that was just a few yards away from winning a superbowl not so long ago, has self-imploded.  Not only have the Titans lost their long-time leader & head coach Jeff Fisher,  but they have simply lost their way.  That brutal, punishing defense is long gone.  The offense is in shambles.  The team needs to be completely rebuilt & mistakes from top to bottom have taken the fight out of this team.

Let’s take a look back on the things that have ruined this team.  We all know how the Fisher vs. Young saga ended.  Vince Young was a locker room cancer who’s constant run-ins with then head coach Fisher resulted in Young walking off the field, throwing his jersey & pads into the stands.  Then he had a meltdown during a game and was seen crying on the sideline like a little girl.  Finally, he cussed out Fisher and walked out on his team & was last seen getting drunk in a club that suspiciously had NO WOMEN patrons.

  Fisher was so upset that owner Bud Adam’s sided with his QB instead of his coach, that he resigned soon after.  Fisher was so confused, he didn’t know which team root for anymore.  He was just glad to be free & out of Tennessee.


Fossil QB Kerry Collins finally got tired of being a Titan……or maybe he just got old & tired.  Either way, he retired instead of staying in Tennessee.


Was it really so hard to figure out that Albert Haynesworth was a waste of time.  There’s a reason the Titans didn’t keep him & the Redskins were happy to ship him off to the Patriots.


Cortland Finnergan’s mouth wrote a check that his ass couldn’t cash in Houston.  Thank you Andre Johnson for doing what we all wanted to do for so long.


And then we got to see what Titans owner Bud Adams really thinks of his team & their fans.


Hopefully, the Titans will man up & pay RB Chris Johnson what he’s worth.  He wants to be paid as one of the top 5 players in the entire NFL, not just one of the top rushers.  Let’s face it, the man can flat out run. He’s so fast that sometimes it seems like he’s flying.


If they can get Johnson signed, keep Kenny Britt out of jail & protect Matt Hasselbeck and Jake Locker they just might have a chance to contend for…………who am I kidding, they will still be pathetic.  Last place in the AFC South again for the flaming tacks from Tennessee.  But I’m sure just like Vince Young found out in that all male club, there will be plenty of manly love to go around.