Ultraconservative = Another loss

When it rains it pours.  The Jaguars dropped another game today.  The Jags had the lead going into halftime, but Del Rio once again went into ultraconservative mode, refusing to give Blaine Gabbert any real chance to open up the passing game.  The Jags ran the ball time and again, even when in 3rd & long situations where the Panthers defense was obviously loading the box to stop MJD.  Not until the Panthers took the lead in the 4th quarter was Gabbert allowed to throw more.  Combine that with the fact that there were some dropped passes (Gabbert threw them perfectly), the snap was blotched 4 times and the game was played in monsoon-type weather and you end up with another loss for the Jags.  It seemed at times that the only WR Blaine was targeting was Mike Thomas.  The Jaguars clearly are suffering without any real threat at WR. 

Running the ball regardless of the situation will not get you the win.  The defense got pressure on Newton all day, but never got a sack or an interception.  I’m not saying that the running game was a complete waste of time, far from it.  Jones-Drew got over 100 yards.  But the Jags still are struggling putting TDs on the board.  Del Rio went run, run, run, punt during much of the 3rd quarter trying to protect a slim 2 point lead and once again it bit him in the ass.  He will never learn.  This is a prime example of why I think Jack should be fired.  This type of play calling no longer works in this league. 

MJD is a great player, but even he can’t keep running into a wall of defenders all day.  Throwing the ball would have been a better option even with a rookie QB at the helm.  You need to have a bigger lead before turning the offense over to the running game so completely.  This is only gonna get uglier next week with the Saints coming to town.  Brees is gonna throw it all day & the New Orleans defense is much better than Carolina’s.  If Jack doesn’t allow Gabbert to throw it in these situations then this is gonna be a very long season.  One in which Del Rio will not be the head coach by mid-season. 

This vanilla crap has got to stop.  Everyone knows that Jack is gonna run the ball.  Why not flip the script and start throwing it more?  Vannilla play calling equals ultraconservative, which equals another loss. You are killing this team, this fan base & your chance at remaining a head-coach with this lame, boring, same-old ineffective offense Jack.  The Jags will be lucky if they’re not 1-7 at the bye week.  They will not beat the Saints, Steelers, Ravens, Texans or even the Bengals with this conservative crap.  Dalton throws, Newton throws, why not let Gabbert throw it more too?  What have you got to lose Jack?  You’re definitely gonna lose if you don’t throw it more.  You don’t have anybody that defenses fear in your WR corps.  You cut Binns & waived Newsome.  Yeah, that really helped.  I know you signed West, but until he plays and actually makes an impact then you’ve only got Thomas & Lewis.  You need a WR whom can be Gabbert’s go-to-guy.  The only thing run, run, run punt will do is run, run, run you right out of town Jack.