Wasted Opportunities

The trade deadline is upon us & the Jaguars have again proven that they are too timid to made a move that could’ve improved their WR corps in a big way.  The Denver Broncos put WR Brandon Lloyd on the trade block and the Jaguars were affraid to trade ………..wait for it, a 6th round pick.  Not a 3rd or 4th round pick, but a 6th for a WR that lead the league in receiving yards and had over 10 TDs last season.  ARE YOU FREAKIN” KIDDING ME?  A 6th round pick is NOTHING compaired to the production he could’ve given the Jags.  Whoever decided to nix this trade is a total tool.  Be it Del Rio or GM Gene Smith, if you didn’t think the Brandon Lloyd was worth a 6th round pick then you are an idiot.  How can you not make this trade?  How can you not even try?  Do you even care that this team is 1-5 and can’t catch passes to save their lives.  How do you expect the fans to be loyal to this team when you do NOTHING to make it better?  Seriously, what the hell do you have to lose at this point?  The season is already basically over & Lloyd could’ve been a huge shot in the arm for a offense that is flat out pathetic so far. 


You’re WRs can’t get open & they drop pass after pass.  Even your pro-bowl TE Marcedes Lewis has dissapeared so far this season.  You either don’t know how or are too affraid to use MJD on more screens or on other out-of-the-backfield pass plays.  You never seem to be able to use 2 TE sets correctly. Yet somehow, you fail to make a move for a quality WR that could’ve  helped out greatly for the next few years.  A WR with great hands & runs solid routes.  A wide receiver that could be a real # 1 this season so that Mike Thomas doesn’t have to pretend to be one anymore.  A legit target for Blaine Gabbert to throw to that can ACTUALLY CATCH THE FOOTBALL!  Why, because you don’t think he’s worth 6th round pick.  You are not going to find a WR of his ability in the 6th round of the next draft. Unbelieveable, just unfreakinbelieveable.  You are morons for not making this trade. 

He had no history of bad behavior on or off the field & clearly he’s a playmaker on offense.  What possible reason was there for not making this trade?  Some people have said that he has a big ego.  BIG FREAKIN” DEAL……show me a great WR (or any big-time player for that matter) that doesn’t have a big ego.  He should have a big ego.  He’s a stud WR.  He wants the ball in his hands.  Winners always want it and always have egos.  I’m not saying he’s a great WR, but he sure as hell is better than ANY of the WRs on your roster at the moment.  Whichever genius decided against trading a 6th round pick for Brandon Lloyd I’ve got 2 words for ya……..YOU’RE STUPID. Maybe we can have stand-up comedian Bill Engvall come to Jacksonville and say “Here’s your sign” at halftime of next week’s monday night game on live TV.

Bill Engvall:  “Don’t you want a top tier WR on your team? You guys really need some help”  DEL RIO: “No, we really like the wide receivers that we have & we’re just gonna see how they do this season”   Bill Engvall:  “But the Broncos only want a 6th round pick for Brandon Lloyd & he could really help your team”   Gene Smith: ” That’s okay, we’d rather just write this season off right now and hope that we can draft a better WR in the 6th round of next year’s draft, besides I’ve heard rumors that Brandon Lloyd has an attitude”    Bill Engvall:  “Here’s your signs……dumb ass”.