Where the Jacksonville Jaguars Stand

I just took a trip over to the conference standings at NFL.com, and this is what we have as of week 2:

First off, I want to get everyone in a good mood, so; take a look at the bottom of the chart. The Colts are dead last in the AFC. If there was ever a great consolation prize for a Colts hater living in Indiana such as myself, it’s seeing the Colts in last place for the conference with little or no hope for improvement.

Now, let’s move onto the Jaguars.

I know it’s early, but let’s lay out how the playoffs would look if the season ended after just 2 weeks. The Patriots, Texans, Raiders, and Ravens would win their divisions. The Jets and the Bills would be the AFC wild-card teams. The Jaguars would be the first team left out. So, the Jaguars are coming off of an ass kicking handed to them by the Jets, but they’re still right there. Oh, you mean a team is still in contention after just 2 weeks? Yes. Duh. Everyone knows that.

The point of this article isn’t to point out that the Jaguars are barely outside of the playoffs right now. I’ll avoid that until after the bye week. After 2 weeks, that’s asinine. My point is that the Jaguars are in the thick of a lot of good teams. Given the Jaguars next 3 games, I think it’s likely they’ll be 3-2 going into week 6. Guess what. 7th place is about where they’ll be at that time as well.

The Jaguars will have to pull out a couple of tough wins down the road, especially against the Ravens and the Steelers, but given the happenings of the first 2 weeks, I think those are winnable games. I know I sound like an old record, but just put the Jets game behind you. It’s week 2. Things will get better, and if they don’t, we can still look forward to beating the Colts a couple of times this season.

Shane Clemons

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