Will the return of Kampman equal sacks?

Arron Kampman will finally get some playing time  in a  preseason game against the Rams this Thursday.  Can he help generate some sacks?  I for one, think it will happen.  Kampman is a pro. he knows what is expected of him and he is relentless in achieving that goal.  The former pro-bowler DE should be just what the Jags need on defense.  He will provide that “adrenaline rush” that they seem to have been missing.  He makes everyone along the front four better.  He gets them jacked up & leads by example.  Kampman is a unstoppable force.  He cannot be stopped. they can only hope to contain him.  But containing him only allows Alualu, Knighton, & Roth to rip past the offensive line and get to the quarterback.  This is the true beauty of having Kampman in the lineup.  He simply creates mis-matches, confusion & chaos for the opposing team.


Kampman also helps the younger players improve as well.  He is a mentor to DE like Austen Lane, Arron Morgan & Odrick Ray.  His play making ability will also help players like DT D’anthony Smith, Ledger Douzable, Nate Collins & C.J. Mosley.  The need for teams to stop him by doubling up on him will help back-up players trying to make the roster get in the act too.  Not to mention the fact that his play definitely helps the linebackers and secondary by causing QBs to make bad passes due to being chased out of the pocket with a wild-eyed, blitz-crazed, sack machine about to crush him into the turf.

Kampman’s leadership cannot be underestimated.  Without him in the lineup, the Jaguars can seem to get to the QB despite all the pressure.  Make no mistake about it, this defense is not the same without Kampman. He just makes it all come together.  He makes it work.  We all know that he will play fewer downs this year, but we should all expect those downs to be amazing to watch & cheer for.  So put the rest of the NFL teams on notice, Arron “The Crusher” Kampman is back and he’s gonna destroy your quarterbacks.