Andrew Strickert of Total Titans answers our questions

To help round out our 2012 here at The Jaggernaut, Andrew Strickert of Total Titans agreed to answer some of our questions about the Titans and this weekend's game. If you'd like to see my answers to his questions, take a trip over to Total Titans and check it out. Once again, our thanks to Andrew and Total Titans.

The Jaggernaut: Obviously one of the big questions for the Titans involves the future of Mike Munchak. What's his chances of sticking around?

Total Titans: Owner Bud Adams will be 90 years old next week and I seriously doubt if he wants to fire Munchak and then wait three or four years for a new coach to turn things around.  Munch is reportedly a favorite of Bud's and I suspect he gets at least another year (he has two years remaining on his contract.)  I also suspect Adams will insist that Munch make some changes on his staff and it wouldn't surprise me if defensive coordinator Jerry Gray doesn't survive.

TJ: Have you seen enough from Jake Locker this season to believe he's the man in Tennessee over the long-term?

TT: No, I sure haven't, and much of what I have seen hasn't been good.  Lack of accuracy was a problem for Locker in college and remains so.  Hopefully, that will improve.  On the plus side, he has a rather strong arm, is mobile in the pocket and can make plays with his legs.

TJ: What would you do to get the Titans back in playoff contention over the next year or two if you were in charge?

TT: Besides some changes on the coaching staff, which I mentioned before, there need to be some upgrades at quite a few positions.  The Titans have a few playmakers on offense, but the interior line desperately needs to be upgraded.  On the other side of the ball, the Titans still lack a consistent pass rush from their defensive ends (though it has been improving) and the safeties have been atrocious.  A stout defensive tackle would be a big help and I wouldn't mind getting a middle linebacker who could tackle, play pass defense and stay healthy.

TJ: If you were the Jaguars coach, how would you attack the Titans on both sides of the ball?

TT: Most defensive coordinators have been successful by setting the edge to keep Chris Johnson contained inside.  Do that and you force Jake Locker to pass, which is usually a good thing for the other team.  Offensively, teams have been successful both running and passing.  Just about everything has worked for teams, except for the Dolphins game, which was an aberration.  Teams that have involved their tight ends in the game plan have usually been generously rewarded and I'm not sure why more teams haven't done so.  If I was the Jaguars' offensive coordinator, I'd target Marcedes Lewis early and often and I wouldn't be surprised if he had his best day of the year.

TJ: Care to make a prediction?

TT: The Titans have been so inconsistent this year I wouldn't be surprised if they won by double digits or lost by the same amount.  I'll take a stab at a prediction with them winning by a field goal: Titans 24, Jaguars 21.

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