Gabbert played on a broken toe according to Ganguli

Tania Ganguli was kind enough to drop us a nice tweet to settle what Blaine Gabbert’s previously reported “foot injury” actually was. It was, as some may have speculated, a broken toe.

Now a broken toe isn’t going to take a great quarterback and turn them into Cade McCown, but it’s still a notable injury, and it’s something that would affect the way a quarterback plays. Blaine Gabbert had a poor run in 2011, but that doesn’t mean he deserves all of the blame.

Let me be clear on this point. Blaine Gabbert has not once made an excuse for his poor performances. You can leave that to me, because there are a number of valid reasons that Gabbert didn’t play well in 2011 that I’ll outline at a different time. The point here is that his broken toe is just one more item to add to a long list of reasons that Blaine Gabbert had a rough rookie season. All signs point to better things to come in 2012.

Shane Clemons

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