Garçon, Manningham at the top of my wish list

Mario Manningham could be a key piece in helping the Jaguars resurrect their passing game.

The Jaguars’ biggest need by far is at wide receiver. There’s a couple of routes the Jaguars could take in fixing their league worst unit, but we’ve seen how the Jaguars have done when trying to find a top tier receiver.

My solution to that problem would be to bring in multiple second tier guys. If there’s an elite guy, go for him, but the Jaguars need depth as well. That’s why they should be targeting guys like Pierre Garçon and Mario Manningham. They are solid receivers that make the defense focus on multiple legitimate targets.

Frankly, it’s not as if the Jaguars don’t have any guys for Blaine Gabbert to throw to. Marcedes Lewis presents a challenge to any defense, and Mike Thomas would make an excellent target over the middle if there’s a couple of legitimate threats on the outside.

The premise of my thoughts is in putting the Jaguars’ eggs in multiple baskets. They shouldn’t shy away from paying wide receivers, but they need to be as smart with receivers as they are with other positions.

Shane Clemons

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