Gene Smith looking to hang on to Lowery Mathis, Mincey, and Scobee

In an article earlier in the day, Tania Ganguli highlighted some of the could-be-free-agents the Jaguars may be looking to re-sign. The money quote comes after Ganguli asked Gene Smith about Lowery, Mathis, Mincey, and Scobee. Keeping with his normal character, Gene Smith kept his response brief and concise.

Certainly those are players that we see being a part of our future.

The quote isn’t surprising by any stretch of the imagination. Those are four very important guys, three of them are keys in the Jaguars’ defense. Not to be overlooked, the anticipation of re-signing Josh Scobee is very important. He made 92% of his field goals in 2011, and he was a constant bright spot on the roster.

Keeping these guys is an important component of the Jaguars being successful in 2012, and the news that the Jaguars are anticipating hanging on to all four of them is reassuring at the least.

Shane Clemons

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