Hanging up the horseshoe

It’s finally official, in a move that surprised absolutely NO ONE, the Colts have decided to part ways with long time QB Peyton Manning.  They will hold a press conference tomorrow with both Manning & Colts owner Jim Irsay in attendance.  Peyton has been throwing passes at Duke University for about a month now & all indications are that he will make a successful comeback….just not with the Colts.   I don’t think the issue is if he can throw, but more importantly if he can take a hit.  I would be very cautious if I were a GM or Owner of a NFL team that is considering signing Manning.  I believe he will be able to throw with power & accuracy, but one solid sack could end his comeback / career.  I have no doubt that some team will jump all in when it comes to signing him.  I just hope it isn’t the Jaguars.  Let Peyton go to Miami or San Francisco. The colts will now draft QB Andrew Luck out of Stanford and spend the next 4 years building the team around him as they did with Peyton.  They will have to do it without WRs Pierre Garcon & Reggie Wayne as both will most likely become free agents. The Colts will still have Freeney & Mathis (who just resigned) on defense.  Jeff Saturday will apparently retire & when the season starts the Colts will be a very different team.  I don’t expect them to be a threat for the AFC South title again for some time.  I don’t wish any ill will towards Peyton, but I’m very glad he will won’t be wearing a horseshoe on his helmet ever again.  GO JAGS!!!