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How bad is the Jaguars’ fall?

The plain and simple truth is that the Jaguars have fallen on hard times. The last few seasons have been as fun and exciting as watching your sibling beat you to a pulp in video games. But relatively speaking, how bad of a fall is this?

At the conclusion of the 2007 regular season, the Jaguars were 11-5 and looking to make a playoff run. They won a thrilling contest in Pittsburgh and then, as if the organization dropped its ice cream cone at a carnival, the fun was over. The records for the subsequent seasons are 5-11, 7-9, 8-8, 5-11 and 2-11 this season. 

Looking at the 2008 season where the Jaguars finished 5-11, the Packers were 6-10, the Bengals were 4-11-1 (that was the year they played an exhibition soccer match against Landon Donovan, I mean Donovan McNabb and the Eagles) and the Seahawks were 4-12. Oh, and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the Lions were an awe-inspiring 0-16. 

Now fast forward to this season. The Packers are 9-4, the Bengals are 8-6 and the Seahawks are 8-5. In a disappointing year, the Lions are 4-9 coming off of a 10-6 season. What do these teams have in common? They got over the hump. Whether it was personnel, coaching, management or a combination of the three, these organizations rebuilt their way to a chance at ultimate success in the NFL. We can even throw in the 2-14 Colts from a season ago who are now in playoff contention at 9-4. Why not the 3-13 Vikings, who are now 7-6?

The case and point is that the Jaguars are driving the dark teal, gold trimmed Lamborghini on the wrong side of the road (I guess this shows the team was destined to play at least one game in Europe). Not only that, but they are hitting every curb, streetlight and randomly placed tree in the process. Of course teams in all sports experience trends of winning and losing, but the Jaguars have looked absolutely inept in their games for over two years. 

However the case and whatever the cost, the Jaguars have to remedy this situation soon. But it won’t be by ticket sales, publicity stunts or helping the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) increase the jaguar population in the wild. The only way they can get up from this prolonged, dramatic and painful fall is by winning and winning only. 

Shane Clemons

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