Jay Cutler Sacked

If the Jaguars can’t pressure Jay Cutler, they can’t pressure anyone

This Sunday's matchup between the Chicago Bears and the Jacksonville Jaguars is an interesting game. Both teams sport stellar defenses, although the Bears certainly have the advantage on that side of the ball, and both teams tend to struggle moving the ball on offense. Again, the Bears have the advantage on offense to, however.

The Jaguars sit at 1-3 and looking for answers. Blaine Gabbert hasn't continued his improved look that appeared in the preseason, and the defense has the same old problems game after game, year after year. The twist here is that Sunday's game against the Bears should inspire hope.

For starters, the Bears have quite possibly the worst offensive line in the NFL. The Jaguars haven't been able to get pressure on opposing quarterbacks all season, but they should have some great opportunities on Sunday to do just that. Historically, when Cutler is pressured early and often, turnovers are sure to follow.

If the Jaguars can get a couple of early turnovers and easy points, they could put the Bears in the uncomfortable position of playing catch-up. At that point, the process of pressuring Cutler, getting turnovers and scoring easy points could become cyclical. That's the hope anyway.

Sunday's game is simply the first of 12 tryouts for Blaine Gabbert. The Jaguars need a win going into the bye week. A 2-3 record is miles ahead of a 1-4 record. Now in week five, it really is do or die time for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Shane Clemons

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