In good hands

What happens if Justin Blackmon has already been drafted by the time the Jacksonville Jaguars are up with the 7th pick?  I say the Jaguars stick with the plan of going BAR (best available receiver) in the first round.  If Blackmon is gone then they should draft Alshon Jeffery out of South Carolina.  Alshon has all the tools the Jaguars need in a top receiver.  He has great size, great hands, great leaping ability, he fights for every pass & fights for every yard after the catch.  He has shown the ability to go up & get the ball even with multiple defenders around him.  He can make circus-type one handed catches.  He has a long stride that makes some people think he is slow, but he is fast.  I have seen him get behind the cornerback & flat out blow by safeties to catch a pass in stride for a wide open TD.  He is also very strong.  He shrugs off defenders with ease & breaks tackles or simply jukes them out of their shoes and runs past them.  He would be an amazing target for Gabbert, especially in the end zone.  Can you imagine having the combo of Jeffery, McNutt, and maybe the likes of Bowe or Vincent Jackson in free agency.  I see the Jaguars double-dipping in the WR pool during the draft for McNutt in the 3rd round.  Add them to the weapons already on the roster in MJD, Lewis,Thomas, West & Shorts and the Jaguars suddenly have a strong offense to compliment their top 10 defense.  Jeffery will be the centerpiece, a true #1 WR that the Jags have been missing for so long. He can assure that the Jaguars future will be in good hands.