It’s decision time for Maurice Jones-Drew

Maurice_Jones-Drew_Night_GameIf Maurice Jones-Drew really wants a trade, that’s his business. He probably won’t get one, but this is a free country, and he’s allowed to ask for one.

Jones-Drew needs to understand that the best way to secure a new contract is to get into the Jaguars’ facility, work his *** off and show the Jaguars that he wants to continue to be part of the Jaguars’ organization.

That’s not what he’s doing.

Maybe Jones-Drew and his agent believe that the Jaguars will cave in once they begin to lose regular season games. Maybe he thinks he’s an integral part of a potential winning formula.

Guess what; he’s not.

The Jaguars have an able-body replacement that has been doing a spectacular job. Rashad Jennings has greater speed than Jones-Drew, and he’s shown during preseason action that he has the ability to be a starting running back on a run oriented team. In short, the Jaguars don’t need Jones-Drew, and their success won’t be determined by his presence or lack thereof.

It’s understandable that a running back would want as much money now as possible. The position is saturated with solid talent, and although Jones-Drew may be one of the very best runners in the league, there’s a whole pack of players, including his replacement, that are just a couple of steps behind him.

The coming choice is Maurice Jones-Drew’s and his alone. He can demand a trade, but that’s unlikely at best. The best option for him and his team is for him to shut up and get back in Jacksonville. The Jaguars’ success won’t be determined by his presence, but his presence on the field can only help their odds in the divisional race this season.

Shane Clemons

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