Jaguars across the web: BCC mock draft

2012 NFL Mock Draft: Post-Free Agency Edition | Big Cat Country

“With the majority of free agency over, it’s much more clear now what needs teams will have to address in the draft to avoid having holes in their roster come the regular season. Here is my fourth mock draft of the year, again with trades, but this time with the second round included”

Gaining ground |

“And right now? Well, right now, after two frustrating, injury-shortened seasons with the Jaguars and amid an off-season of speculation about his future, Kampman said he’s a lot closer to feeling right than he has felt in a long time. And he knows as far as he’s concerned, that’s what matters.”

Chat with Paul Kuharsky |

“Sean (Tally) Any chance the Jags can trade back. I personally like Michael Floyd at 7 but im sure the “experts” would say it was reach.

Paul Kuharsky (4:04 PM) They would. And it might be. I don’t know who’s coming up for what.”

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