Blaine Gabbert Throwing

Jaguars fall flat without Blaine Gabbert

Too often in life, we don't miss thing something until it's gone. That vary theme came to life Sunday afternoon in the Jaguars' loss to the Oakland Raiders.

In the first half of today's game, Blaine Gabbert was hit on a play in which the Raiders were offsides. The hit would eventually result in Blaine Gabbert leaving the game with a shoulder injury, and it led to the undoing of the Jaguars.

Blaine Gabbert left the game after going 8 of 12 passing with 110 yards and a touchdown. In short, he looked sharp and on top of the offense.

Then Chad Henne entered the game.

While it's impossible to blame the outcome entirely on Henne, it seems apparent that the Jaguars would have won comfortably had Gabbert stayed in the game.

Henne finished the game, completing 9 of his 20 attempts for 71 yards, but most of those yards came late in the game as the Jaguars tried to push into Josh Scobee's field goal range for a game-winning attempt.

For those of you that missed the game, I'm sorry that I can't paint a word picture of how big of a difference there was between the Jaguars offense with Gabbert and with Henne, but it was ugly.

If you're looking for a silver lining, consider this. Blaine Gabbert's job security is suddenly much better after Henne's performance.

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