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Jaguars fans should be hoping for three more losses

It feels wrong, but I'm coming out and saying it anyway. Fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars will always pull for their team to win games with their heart, but right now, my brain is telling me to hope for three straight losses to close out the year.

2012 has been one of the toughest seasons to watch I can remember. At this point, I'm even numb to losing, which has become a blessing, but I've also noticed that I really don't care so much about winning anymore either. For the rest of the season, my focus is on individual players.

All that being said, the Jaguars still need a franchise quarterback. Chad Henne hasn't been awful as the Jaguars' starter, but he's certainly showing he's not the answer either. The answer should be found in this year's draft or free agency, and there will be some options. Still, the decision is much easier for the team with the first pick of the draft.

This weekend, for instance, the Kansas City Chiefs take on the Oakland Raiders. They're both bad teams, and there's some hope that the Chiefs could pull out the win. In that case, my brain is full out rooting against the Jaguars. There's one prized quarterback in this year's draft, and his name is Geno Smith. Behind him is a whole line of "blah" guys.

In my heart, I'm pulling for the Jaguars over the Dolphins this weekend, but my brain knows better. Wins may feel good right now, but losses are more productive for the Jaguars' long-term future.

Shane Clemons

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