Jaguars look to round out the preseason with a win; 5 things to watch

Blaine Gabbert’s number one goal tonight should be to simply stay healthy.

Tonight, the Jaguars will be rounding out their preseason schedule in Jacksonville. The goal is to evaluate young players while keeping the starters healthy. Here’s tonight’s 5 things to watch.

1) Watch the first teamers

Usually, you’d be evaluating how the offense moves the ball and how dominant the defense is, but tonight it’s all about staying healthy. The Jaguars’ goal for their starters is to get them warmed up and get them out of the game healthy.

2) Special teamers

This is the unit that has a lot of fringe guys. Keep an eye out for anyone that stands out, especially late in the game. A lot of these guys won’t make the final roster, but there’s certainly some practice squad guys out there.

3) Kickers

If there’s a position that’s easy to evaluate, even in preseason play, it’s the kickers. Just look for them to have a good tune up night this evening.

4) Returners

Mike Thomas is a solid punt returner, but do the Jaguars really want such a featured player taking back punts? Watch to see if Jalen Parmele has a good night fielding kicks.

5) Don’t burn the popcorn

When you’re cooking tonight, make sure you’re not setting your house on fire. There’s a strong likelihood that you’ll fall asleep during the game, and it’s a fire hazard to cook you’re sleeping. Safety first!

Shane Clemons

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