Jaguars ranked 27th in ESPN power rankings

ESPN released a pre-draft set of power rankings, ranking the Jaguars at a lowly 27th position.




The defense is near championship caliber. The offense is an entirely different story. (Kuharsky)

Are the Jaguars a top 10 team? No, not as they stand right now, but they aren’t the 27th best team in the NFL. That’s a fact.

The Jaguars were ranked ahead of just the Dolphins, Rams, Browns, Vikings, and the Colts. Some of the teams I feel the Jaguars should be ranked above are the Redskins, Buccaneers, Bills, and the Seahawks.

I had a number of other issues with ESPN’s power rankings as well. In my mind, the Raiders (26th) got a bad ranking, and the Chiefs (17th) were unbelievably high.

The other notable feature is that the Giants were ranked as at number 1, despite the explanation indicating they aren’t the best team in the NFL, “The Giants have lost significant pieces from their Super Bowl team and won only nine regular-season games in 2011, but they are the defending champs. They will be the team to beat. (Fox)”

Despite my complete disagreement with these rankings on a number of fronts, don’t expect me to lose any sleep over them.

Shane Clemons

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