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The Jaguars lose a blowout to the Bears, 41-3

Oh, that's not good. That's not good at all.

The Jaguars went in to halftime today tied with the Bears at 3 to 3. The final score? 41 to 3 in favor of the Bears. That shouldn't happen, ever.

Heading into the bye week, the Jaguars now sit at 1-4, and it would suddenly take a small miracle for the team to claw its way back into the playoff discussion. At this point, however, we're really waiting on the team to get back to being competitive. Throw any playoff talk out the window. It isn't going to happen.

Maurice Jones-Drew was never able to get himself going against the Bears' stingy defense. He rushed the ball just 12 times for 56 yards, and nearly half of those yards came on one run.

Blaine Gabbert wasn't able to get it going either, completing barely over 50% of his passes, and tossing two interceptions that were both taken back for touchdowns.

In short, it was the type of second half that makes you queasy.

The real curiosity begins this week. The Jaguars have a week off for some much needed introspection. Fans, including me, will begin directing blame at those we feel are responsible for the regression of the team, but I'll save much of that talk for the coming week.

The Jaguars may have a hard time holding it together. This is the type of lackluster start that often prompts players to throw teammates or coaches under the bus.

In the coming week, I'll likely talk a lot about where I think the Jaguars went wrong. For now, I'll just say this. We're in for a long rest of the season if something drastic doesn't change in the very near future.

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