7 Things From John Oehser

7 things to keep an eye on:

“A word of warning: if you don’t like reading about quarterbacks, you’re going to get tired of reading about the Jaguars in the coming weeks – months, even. While every indication remains that the team is and should be committed to starting David Garrard coming into the season, the development of rookie first-rounder Blaine Gabbert is the primary storyline not only of training camp, but for the foreseeable future. Because of that, the early days of camp are very, very encouraging to the Jaguars. Gabbert has not looked perfect; far from it. He pulled the ball down and ran as often as not in Tuesday night’s practice, and he’d be the first one to tell you that although he is fast enough to run effectively he won’t develop into an elite-level quarterback running that much. Not to worry. He has had three padded practices in the NFL, and there are going to be more difficult practices than not early. But what Gabbert has shown early is more important. In nearly every practice, he makes at least one play – sometimes a lot more – that show signs of special things.”

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