An angry Tebow fan emerges

The following is from a heated exchange at TGS involving the comments section of a recent article I wrote. This guy is angry:

“Listen Lemonsuckers, I seen Elway play from day one til he retired – and looking at your picture, you never saw him play….  don’t tell me how Elway Played when you were probably still [expletive] in your diapers….  Elway was a RUNNING QB – JUST LIKE TEBOW – OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO – DOES THAT SHOCK YOU????  Elway made plenty of mistakes the first few years.  The Broncos D was 1-4 without Tebow – GIVE TEBOW CREDIT.   I don’t know why I’m writing you, you keep saying Tebow is not a great QB – Hey Dumbshit, I already proved you wrong on that so ADMIT YOU’RE WRONG….”

Shane Clemons

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