Austen Lane on the WNBA and Mohawks

This latest blog post by Austen Lane is priceless. Seriously, it’s a must read.

“Larry Hart Mo-Hawk Watch 2011: I spoke with Larry today at a training session and asked him if he was going to keep it… WARNING!! PUT THE WIFE AND KIDS TO BED: His response and I quote, “I am going to keep it for the season.” This decision will of course lead to the fact that people will think he is part of some kind of Rookie hazing when he indeed “wants his hair that style.” Needless to say this concludes the Mo-Hawk Watch. It’s a sad day for Jag fans everywhere, and even a sadder day for SWAG in general.  So in a last ditch effort, like an intervention for a Heroine addict, I’m asking the help of the Blog Nation. Please vote in this poll and show your support. Maybe if we get enough people to vote Larry will change his mind, so vote YES or NO for the Mohawk…”

Shane Clemons

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